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Players by the Sea is so excited to have our theatre filled with young, vibrant artists once again! This year PBTS Introduces: The Magic of Storytelling, our 5-week summer camp which will explore new storytelling methods with our young artists —  puppetrythe art of illusion (theatre magic), and commedia dell'arte (an Italian form of improvisation using masks), — in addition to acting, movement, and voice.  This 5-week Summer camp will culminate in a showcase where our young talent will have a chance to share the true magic of storytelling with audiences!

NOTE: In order to provide the best experience possible for our students, staff, and volunteers, at the theatre are committed to fostering a safe and healthy environment for all staff and students. PBTS is committed to working with local health professionals to ensure that guidelines and recommendations provided by the CDC are closely monitored and followed. 

Young artist will explore and learn the various crafts and methods of storytelling through the art form of improvisation, movement, music, puppetry and story development. Students will dive into the history of how cultures have practiced story telling over the years. 

Young artist will learn the ancient theatrical art form of puppetry and its history by diving into the skill of manipulating  puppets. Then students will move into the exploration of the types of puppetry and its mechanics. Students will develop and create their own puppets focusing on character story development. This course challenges students to use their imagination and creativity to bring inanimate objects to life.

Young artist will explore this early art form of theatre originating from the Italian culture by learning the skill of improvisation and movement. Students will focus on character development and how the actor uses the body to build the components with the help of strange face mask. This course challenges students to commit to the craft of character development.

Young artist will take a behind the scenes course into the art of stage magic. Students will learn how “special effects” are used in theatrical productions around the world. Students will explore the craft of illusions and how visual tricks are used to simulate imagined events in the story. This course challenges young artist to use artificial and mechanical effects to create realistic imaginary moments on the stage.

Young artist will explore tools to unleash their inner storyteller. Using their own imagination students will be trained to find tools to develop theatrical presentations to tell their very own stories. This includes developing the environment, characters and plot. This course challenges young artist to to explore their creativity by activating their imagination to tell their owns story through performance.

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