Players by the Sea has a long history of producing new works by local playwrights. In addition to the New Voices program, Players by the Sea has hosted work by local writers such as Al Letson, Barbara Colaciello, Joshua McTiernan, David Sacks, Olivia Gowan, and Derek Coughlin, to name a few. 

While New Voices is our primary new play development initiative, we still accept submissions from playwrights with finished works for full production consideration. When submitting scripts, please consider the following:

  1. Our staff is a small (but mighty) one! Therefore, please allow 1 - 3 months for full consideration, as it will go through our internal staff and into the hands of the Repertory Committee. 

  2. We evaluate new scripts on with a certain set of criteria, including how the new work supports our mission of enriching the community through excellence in theatre. The play must also be a viable fit with any future season planning. 

  3. We are so thankful that you have submitted your work to us - we respect how vulnerable this process can be. While we would love to personally contact all of our script submissions, only those being further considered will be contacted.

  4. We accept full drafts for consideration. If you do not have a full draft but have a concept, please consider submitting to our New Voices program.


If you have read and agree to the above, please submit the following:

  • Full Draft of Script

  • Theatrical Resume

  • 3 References

Please submit the above in separate PDF documents.