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Violence and Intimacy Director Introduced with Second Season Production of Romeo & Juliet!

Romeo and Juliet appears on the Main Stage for one weekend only, February 21 and 22 at 8:00pm and the 23rd at 2:00pm. The show will retain the classic plot that follows star-crossed forbidden lovers. The all-female cast will be utilizing real swords and daggers in stage choreography, created by Violence and Intimacy Designer, Dr. Kate Busselle.

Dr. Busselle is new to the theatre scene here in Jacksonville but brings with her an extensive educational and professional background. She says:

"I am so excited to bring safe theatrical violence work to Players by the Sea. This cast has been working tirelessly learning all of the moves I've thrown at them, and I am thrilled that the Jacksonville community gets to see these talented fighters in their element. Don't miss this show!"

Busselle is an Actor Combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD) with certifications in unarmed combat, rapier & dagger, quarterstaff, single sword, broadsword, broadsword and shield, knife, and theatrical firearms safety. She recently completed her Ph.D. in Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Missouri. Her dissertation, "Killing Women: Gender and Violence in Selected Works by Sheila Callaghan and Marisa Wegrzyn," examined how performances of violence committed by the characters within these plays challenge our ideas of gender.

For Romeo and Juliet, Busselle is working both onstage and off to make the show a success. Onstage, she is portraying Mercutio, Romeo's witty, hot-tempered friend. Offstage, Kate is staging all of the acts of violence that occur within the show. Her expertise allows for all of the acts of violence to be staged realistically and safely.

About the Show: The Montague's and Capulet's are at war with one another for reasons unknown. Two forbidden lovers meet and the rest is history. Together with swords fights, passionate feelings, and meaningful representations, this version of the Shakespeare classic is presented with a modern twist -- an all female cast. Join us on a journey to fair Verona for the timeless tale we all know and love but with new, engaging surprises around every scene.

General Admission tickets are $25. Tickets are available at playersbythesea.org or by calling the Box Office at 904.249.0289.

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