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State of the Theatre - September 2019

This Labor Day season is a time for us to prepare for the Season 54 opening production of The Wiz. Players by the Sea just finished, and survived, the mammoth production of SHREK, The Musical and the slow moving tour of Dorian, the Hurricane. I hope that everyone is safe.

As we begin Season 54 it’s a time of reflection on the past season. When I speak with our season members and patrons, you are so supportive of the creative work we produce for you. One member recently gave me some great advice - ask for help. I realize that as an organization we don’t ask for your help. We ask for your donations to support our programs, but not your volunteer service - we don't ask you to share your special gifts with us. Community theatre is a labor of love for the leadership team in the office, the creative production teams that bring the magic to life on stage … and we see your love through season memberships, ticket purchases and additional gifts. But it’s not just about the financial support your memberships and tickets provide, Players by the Sea has greater needs that can be met with your volunteer service.

Here’s a few areas where your love and expertise might greatly benefit Players:

  • Facility Management Team to love and care for this building. It’s a large space that needs constant maintenance, sorting and organizing to help us run efficiently ... and risk free.

  • Landscaping Team to manage, sort and clean the side yard, prepping it to create an extension of our hospitality space.

  • Admin Support needs volunteers to file and keep our paperwork flowing.

  • Theatre Guild - wouldn't a guild be a great thing to support all of the wonderful talent and creative energy that we have on our stage? A Guild means LOVE to those volunteers who give of themselves for months to put a production up in either of theatres. Tech Week love means food, sometimes the love is sprucing up the dressing rooms.

  • Show Sponsors - individuals can sponsor shows at Players. Season 54 is filled with wonderful shows that anyone can support – maybe it’s a favorite of yours, or you want to use the production as a centerpiece to a larger celebration in your life.

  • In-kind donations - lumber, materials, supplies, printing

  • Monthly Donations - we do not operate by ticket sales alone.... if we did, you wouldn't see staff because we couldn't afford us.

If you have a specific area that your talents might help in, please reach out! We are your community theatre and would love to see more of you.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get busier at the theatre, we’ve managed to slide in a new program: Second Season. It’s not a full season of planned plays, but it allows the Theatre to take on passionate projects that need a space to be born. Read more about Second Season and the first play by local playwright Olivia Gowan that will be presented in late September. You’ll need a reservation, so come join us as we open the Studio Theatre up to new plays that touch on topics that start the conversation. Click here to make your reservation.

I look forward to hearing from you this season and seeing you at The Wiz!

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