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State of the Theatre - April 2019

Executive Director Suzanne Hudson-Smith shares her thoughts about Players by the Sea in April 2019.

Players by the Sea is a community theatre … you’ve heard me say it many a time! We present theatre made by, with, and for our Beaches community and the Northeast Florida region. The Theatre is open every day of the week for rehearsals, rentals, education programs, as well as the evening performances that are a part of our season of shows.

Ticket sales alone don’t cover the cost of all of this activity. We need additional funds each month to cover the basic costs of running a business. We know it’s not sexy, but making sure our basic needs are covered is the foundation on which we can create in the Theatre.

Players is launching the Ghost Light Campaign to fund the basics so we can focus on powering our creative mission! The campaign is taken from actual ghost light tradition – it is part legend and part superstition. We leave a light on at night near the center of the stage to appease any spirits that inhabit the theatre and provide them opportunities to perform, thus preventing them from cursing the theatre.

The Ghost Light Campaign was created in that same spirit – keep Players by the Sea alive and active providing opportunities for performances throughout the year.

The goal is for 100 friends of Players by the Sea to each make a $20 gift per month (a recurring gift) for one year – or longer! Make that monthly gift and you’ll become a Ghost Lighter. I’ve already made the first gift to the campaign.

There are great benefits, all because you care enough to keep the light burning and power our mission. Take a look at the Ghost Light Campaign page and join me as a Ghost Lighter! This elite group of 100 is committed to securing our future!

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