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An Interview with Brooklyn Murphy on True West

Players by the Sea in Jacksonville Beach, FL is gearing up for True West, a searing drama by the late playwright Sam Shepard. We sat down with members of the cast. Here's actor Brooklyn Murphy, who plays Mom, and her thoughts on the show.


Please tell us a bit about yourself.


My name is Brooklyn Murphy and I am playing the Mom. I am from South Florida and moved to Jacksonville Beach in December. I have been a professional actor for 30 years working in Film, Television, Theatre and Voice Over. I studied at the Oxford School of Drama in England, Bova Actors Studio in New York and majored in Drama and Dance at Cypress College in Los Angeles. In my spare time I am an amateur photographer and pastel artist.


Why were you attracted to auditioning for this production? What does it mean to YOU as an artist?


I was attracted to this project because it is a very well-known play by a great playwright and a well-known theatre. As an artist, it gives me a chance to create a complex character.


Can you tell us a little about the character you're playing?


The character of the Mom is complex and multi layered. She struggles with anxiety, loneliness and living in her very secure lonely world. When she is confronted by everything in her home which has unraveled and been destroyed, she must decide how much more she can withstand.


Why is it important to tell this story?


This play gives a true and/or real life insight of conflict in the middle of an average family. Showing us how different and broken one can become even though you have the same parents. Sam Shepard was a great writer for family dynamics. This story is all about becoming unraveled, fighting for sanity and losing sanity when we least expect it.


What is community theatre to you?


I feel that community theatre is the foundation for new actors, professional actors who love their art and for people that want to experience an intimate tangible setting of live theatre, that may not necessary be drawn to the big theatre houses. I find it to be the grass roots of performance and I will always do theatre forever!


How has your experience working at PBTS been so far?


Wonderful. Professional. Supportive and talented staff from top to bottom. I feel very nurtured as a person and an actor. Genuine people that also love the world of theatre.


What do you hope audiences leave thinking or feeling after the show is over?


I hope people will look at their own family dynamics and perhaps learn why certain parts work and don’t work in their family life. I hope that people will feel something on a deep level and have an ‘aha’ moment. I hope they keep talking about it for days.


Any other words you'd like to share?


Thank you to everyone, especially Brian Niece who saw something in me and cast me in this part. Thank you to all the staff who are so nice, genuine and talented!


See Brooklyn Murphy in True West here at Players by the Sea from March 15 - March 31. Tickets are available at playersbythesea.org or by calling 904.249.0289.

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