Written by Lauren Hancock • Directed by Stephanie Natale Frus • June 2019

Dramaturg: Kelby Siddons • Part of New Voices: Young Voices

WINTER AND I explores the relationship between the anxious, brilliant teen Elinor and her companion Winter, whose powerful intellect, will, and whims alternately challenge and soothe Eli as she navigates the expectations of school and family. When Winter mysteriously goes missing, Eli must confront herself and to what extent Winter is a part of her.


Written by Worth Culver • Directed by Stephanie Natale Frus • June 2019

Dramaturg: Kelby Siddons • Part of New Voices: Young Voices

BARRY BIANCHI: BALTIMORE’S BEST BAIL BONDSMAN, AN AMERICAN TRAGEDY introduces us to the hilarious title character, his theories, and his dealings with the hijinx in his office, life, and nation. Biting through the absurd belly laughs is a meditation on the state of manhood in post-Regan American, “as though DEATH OF A SALESMAN were written by Neil Simon.”


Written & Directed by James F. Webb III • June 2018

Dramaturgs: Eugene Lindsey & Toni Diamond-Bingham

For some homes, the dining room is only a place where fancy china, seasonal place-settings and decorations are on display. However for the Churchill family, the dining room is where warmth and love is shared… and secrets are both kept and exposed. It’s Thanksgiving and the entire family is gathered at the matriarch’s home. As the family shares what they are thankful for, things begin to take an awkward turn when a shocking secret is revealed. Now, the family must make choices in each of their households. How long can each household of the Churchill family say “what happens in the family stays in this family” until everything leaks out in the dining room?


Written by Drew L. Brown • Directed by Ramona Ramdeen & Drew L. Brown • June 2017

Dramaturg: Dave Alan Thomas

Based on a true story, Sentences illustrates the unjust prison sentence of Robin, a simple southern woman who is framed by a new lover for a crime she did not commit. Riddled with worry for the daughter she's left behind, Robin struggles to adjust to prison life, Unbeknownst to her, a multi-faced drug ring involving guards and inmates progressively unfolds, leading to catastrophe. Sentences offers an authentic look into the flaws of our criminal justice system through the experience of a mother desperate to reunite with their child.


Written by Kelby Siddons • Directed by Harolyn Sharpe • June 2017

Dramaturg: Sinda Nichols

This play, set in early America and Napoleonic France, is about how one woman's determination to rise above her station and transcend the expectations of her sex made her a celebrity, a millionaire, and a problem. In this adaptation of the book Wondrous Beauty by Carol Berkin, "the belle of Baltimore" Elizabeth Patterson Bonaparte navigates a man's world of romance, parenthood, and business as a woman ahead of her time.