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Jereme Raickett

Artistic Director



Book and Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens – Music by Stephen Flaherty

Directed by Jereme Raickett and Kelsey Tippins


- PRELIMINARY AUDITIONS – Sunday, October 25, 2020 beginning at 1pm.

Auditions will be held virtually over Zoom. SIGN UP HERE: Once on this Island Audition Registration After the auditions conclude, if you are being considered for a role, you will be asked to attend the Callback. (See below.) 

- CALLBACK – Monday, October 26, 2020 beginning at 6pm. 

Callbacks will be held in person, socially distanced, at Players by the Sea Theatre. The focuses will be dance/movement and cold reads.


Production Dates: January 28 – 31, 2021

(On Our Mainstage & streamed for showtix4u – a digital online live streaming service.) 


ABOUT THE SHOW: Once On This Island takes place in the French Antilles in the Caribbean. In brief, it’s a coming of age tale of Ti Moune, a peasant girl from a poor village, her love interest Daniel, a wealthy light-skinned boy, the inherent struggles of a love between different classes, and the power of destiny vs. freewill. The gods of the Earth, water, love, and death have their hands in the story, and in the end, Ti Moune must make the ultimate choice to choose her love or her life. 


COVID-19 CONSIDERATIONS: Due to COVID-19, Players by the Sea Theatre is trying something brand new – staging a show for a limited, socially-distanced audience and presenting the show online for a special *one night only* live streaming release! This exciting project will implement strict social distancing precautions throughout the rehearsal and performance processes, including mandatory COVID-19 tests, handwashing, and masks when appropriate. ALL PRINCIPAL ROLES WILL HAVE UNDERSTUDIES. 


SEEKING: To tell an authentic story of islanders in the Caribbean, we are looking to cast folks representative of the diverse population of that region. With the exception of DANIEL (a Caucasian male), we are specifically interested in seeing performers who are Asian, Black/African descent, Indigenous Peoples, Latino/Hispanic, Middle Eastern, South Asian/Indian, Southeast Asian/Pacific Islander, and ethnically ambiguous/multiracial individuals. 


TI MOUNE: Female, high belt. Ti Moune is the protagonist of our story, a peasant girl who falls in love with Daniel and goes on a journey to be with him. 

Age: 16 – 25 

Vocal range: G3 – E5


DANIEL: Male, tenor. Daniel comes from the wealthy French portion of the island. He serves as Ti Moune’s love interest and ultimately has to juggle his heart vs his duty. 

Age: 16 – 25 

Vocal range: C#3 – F#4


ASAKA: Any gender, mezzo/soprano. “Asaka, mother of the Earth” – Asaka is the spirit god of the earth and all living things – the birds, the trees, the breezes, the grass, the mosquitoes, to name a few. A mother in every sense of the word – fierce, protective, nurturing. All four gods have a mischievous side and an occasional disregard for the impact of their actions.  

Age: 25 - 60 

Vocal range: A3 – E5


AGWE: Male, baritone. “Agwe, god of water” – Agwe is the spirit god of water – in our story, specifically the ocean and the rain. Agwe, like the water he represents, brings rebirth and change with destruction and devastation. All four gods have a mischievous side and an occasional disregard for the impact of their actions.  

Age: 25 – 60 

Vocal range: B2 – E4 


ERZULIE: Female, soprano. “Erzulie, beautiful goddess of love” – Erzulie is the spirit god of love. “Love has many powers…” and Erzulie utilizes many of them – flirtation, compassion, protection, and romance, to name a few. All four gods have a mischievous side and an occasional disregard for the impact of their actions.  

Age: 25 – 60

Vocal range: A3-C#5


PAPA GE: Any gender, tenor. “Papa Ge, sly demon of death” – Papa Ge is the spirit god of death. As seductive and entrancing as they are devilish and menacing, Papa Ge initially begins our story believing they are all-powerful and learns along the way the other powers at play in the universe. 

Age: 25 – 60 

Vocal range: C3-G4


TONTON JULIAN: Male, baritone. Ti Moune’s adoptive father, husband of Mama Euralie. A brave leader in the village community, Tonton risks his life to help his daughter pursue her dreams. 

Age: 40 – 60 

Vocal range: G3 – E4


MAMA EURALIE: Female, alto. Ti Moune’s adoptive mother, wife of Tonton Julian. Mama is cautious, protective, and compassionate. She worries for Ti Moune and often tries to convince her to choose the safer life path. 

Age: 40 – 60 

Vocal range: Gb3 – B4 


LITTLE GIRL/YOUNG TI MOUNE: The Little Girl is a typical school-aged and wide-eyed kid. She spends the opening of the show fearful of the storm, and the storytellers then tell her the story of Ti Moune, which she observes and interacts with, becoming the character of Young Ti Moune for a scene. The story ends with the Little Girl retelling the story herself. 

Age: 6 – 11 


ENSEMBLE: the entire ensemble is made up of Storytellers who then take on the roles of various players on the island, depicting both the wealth of the French and the poverty of the island villagers. 



  • For the October 25th, 2020 Audition – 

    • Please prepare 16-32 bars of a contemporary musical theatre song, showcasing your vocal range, ability, and acting skills. 

    • Please be prepared to list all known conflicts between October 26th, 2020 and January 31st, 2021. 

    • If you have a resume, please submit it with your Google Doc sign-up. SIGN UP HERE: Once on this Island Audition Registration

    • If selected, please be prepared to attend the Callback (see below). 

  • For the October 26, 2020 Callback – 

    • Please be prepared and dressed for dance/movement work.

  • Video submissions will be considered

    • Please prepare 16-32 bars of a contemporary musical theatre song with a backing track and send to no later than 6pm on Friday 10/23

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